Founded in 2021, AFNU (meaning 'mine' in Nepali) was born from a vision to create a world where every community is empowered to shape its own destiny. Inspired by the resilient spirit of the Nepali people, our founders, Aarav Bhattarai and Priya Gurung, envisioned an organization rooted in the principles of communal strength and collective success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive, barriers to education and health are dismantled, and economic prosperity is a reality for all.

Our Values

At AFNU, our actions are guided by inclusivity, sustainability, integrity, and a deep respect for cultural diversity."

Ethical Standards: "We are committed to the highest ethical standards in our work, ensuring transparency and accountability in all our endeavors.

Our Objectives

Key Goals: "Our goals include improving educational access, enhancing healthcare availability, and fostering sustainable economic growth within underserved communities."

Approach: "We achieve our goals through community-driven initiatives, effective partnerships, and a focus on long-term sustainability."

Our Team

Founders and Leaders: "Co-founders Aarav Bhattarai, a former educator, and Priya Gurung, a healthcare professional, lead a diverse team of passionate individuals committed to making a difference."

Team Philosophy: "Our team's diverse backgrounds and expertise are pivotal in driving AFNU towards innovative solutions and impactful results."

Our Story

Journey So Far: "Since our inception, AFNU has reached over 10,000 individuals through various initiatives, overcoming challenges and celebrating numerous successes along the way."

Community Impact: "Our initiatives, like the 'Learn and Grow' education program, have significantly improved literacy rates in several communities."

Transparency and Accountability

Commitment to Transparency: "Transparency is at the heart of all we do. We regularly publish reports detailing our operations and financial management."

Governance: "AFNU is governed by a dedicated board of directors, ensuring accountability and adherence to our mission."

Looking Ahead

Future Plans: "Looking forward, AFNU is excited to launch 'Health for All,' a project aimed at improving healthcare access in remote areas."

Invitation to Join: "We invite you to join us in this journey, whether through donations, volunteering, or partnerships. Together, we can make a lasting impact."